East Anglia Confirmed Emails from the Climate Research Unit - Searchable


On 20 November 2009, emails and other documents, apparently originating from with the Climate Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia.

The authenticity of these emails has been confirmed by most of the relevant parties including the CRU at Univeristy of East Anglia and many of the authors. These emails contain some quite surprising and even disappointing insights into what has been happening within the climate change scientific establishment. Worryingly this same group of scientists are very influential in terms of economic and social policy formation around the subject of climate change.

As these emails are already in the public domain, I think it is important that people are able to look through them and judge for themselves. Until I am told otherwise I have no reason to think the text found on this site is true or false. We provide this information as a curiosity and hopefully as a basis for better understanding of the motivations and behind-the-scenes discussions of a small but influential group of scientists who have apparently taken their scientific work beyond the realm of scientific inquiry and into the domain of political activism. Ultimately, we hope you will be the judge of that assertion yourself. If you have questions, you may email me at eastangliaemails@gmail.com

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I really just made this because I really couldn't see me going through the sheer number of text files in any realistic fashion. This will help me find emails that are being discussed on forums and blogs I read.

But this page is now being hit a lot, so I feel it only fair that I tell you what I am hoping to get done - and for you to send me suggestions or ideas (or tips). I'm hoping to get the time tomorrow to also make the various Word and Excel files online and searchable, and also to do what I can with the text from the PDF files (some might be easier than others). I am also hoping to get some improvements done to the overall search box to make the results weighted to number of hits for main keywords / filter out unimportant words (you, me and I) and make the tool more useful. You may email me at eastangliaemails@gmail.com

The entire thing is running off a single mysql database and three main php scripts, the emails are parsed automatically into the database and there is also another file that I made earlier that generated hard copy html files just to get something online.

Use These Incredible Applications to Receive Notifications About Weather in the UK

Would you like to receive notifications about weather in the UK? Well, we’ve got you covered. Don’t let any weather uncertainties spoil your schedule of plans. Wherever you are and whatever you’d like to do, always get weather updates fast and act without a glitch.

There are tremendous lots of applications that can help you to forecast the impending weather conditions very precisely. This article is going to address some of these amazing apps. In addition, we’re going to expound vital tips to consider whilst using them.

Yahoo Weather The Yahoo Weather lets you forecast the imminent weather conditions like never before. It’s able to clearly combine striking photos with precise weather forecasts across iPad and iPhone. It’s really entertaining as its impressive experience simplifies checking and sharing of photos of the looming weather conditions. Indeed, the Yahoo Weather is truly inspiring.

Features of Yahoo Weather – Stunning photos that match your exact location, current weather and precise time of the day – Detailed weather forecasts – Interactive radar, wind maps, satellites, and sunrise/sunset periods – Exceptional experience of weather conditions for snow, rains, fog, heat etc.

Tips on How to Use the Yahoo Weather Yahoo Weather is simple to use and very interactive. You’ll get an immersive experience with it. Here’s how to use it. – Swipe vertically to receive comprehensive weather information – Swipe horizontally to get your favourite locations – Enable the notification bar for severe weather alerts – Submit the photos to the application at the projected weather on Flickr

Met Office Weather application This is another amazing daily weather notification app. It delivers both the latest world weather predictions as well as severe weather forewarnings for UK locations. With this app, you’ll be able to access all the details of the latest weather updates.

Features – A five day warning forecast for more than 5,000 UK localities. – Has a social media sharing so one can share weather updates with friends – Texts and maps detailing the UK National Weather Warnings – Sunrise and sunset conditions – Clear visibility – Wind speed and accurate direction This app is absolutely incredible. As a UK citizen you can be able to plan and organize your daily activities based on severe warnings and predictions from the app. It’s easy to download and install. Get weather updates through this striking app.

Ski Club Snow Reports The Ski Club Snow Reports is a live data app. Thus, for the first time you’re using, it is recommended that you connect to a wireless or 3G network so that you can download the details successfully. Once you’ve downloaded, you can definitely use the app even on the slower Edge networks.

Features – Details of last snowed information – Piste conditions – Live weather – Snow depths – 44 ski reports – Live webcams – Off piste conditions

Weather + This is the most beautiful and authentic weather application for iPad and iPhone. It displays all substantial weather reports on one single page. The background video matches precisely with the predicted weather conditions. The most important aspect about Weather + is that it’s fully functional on all devices.

Features – Weather and time information for unlimited number of cities – Fully functional on iPad, iPod, or iPhone – Gives wind directions, plus the speed details – Full screen loops of weather conditions in selected locations

BBC Weather Whatever you’re planning and wherever you are, the BBC Weather makes you very prepared with up to date weather forecasts. It has simple and clear design which offers latest weather information.

Features – Easily search for locations or you can choose to use current location – Tap each hour to display full info such as pressure, humidity and the visibility situations – Hourly forecast is provided – For users of speech, text or voice over, the app offers easy accessibility – Swipe vertically to see your favorite locations

In conclusion, with these applications listed above, you can be sure to do whatever you like in the UK without worrying about the weather uncertainties. Thus, it is vital that you download and install these apps so that you can be able to strategize your daily accomplishments seamlessly.

United Kingdom Weather Email Alerts

The United Kingdom weather can be very unpredictable. The country is subjected to extreme weather changes and therefore the United Kingdom weather email alerts are of great help when it comes to predicting the weather conditions. The United Kingdom weather email alerts issue warnings for extreme weather such as snow, rain, fog, ice and even wind. The United Kingdom weather email alerts are purposely to keep residents of the United Kingdom in the know about weather changes; this ensures that they are informed. The United Kingdom weather alerts are sent on a regular basis and cover several dates and times of the day. When there are severe weather changes, the weather email alerts are more frequent on a daily basis to show the weather changes as they occur. The United Kingdom weather email alerts ensure that one gets accurate weather forecasts for your place of residence and also for the cities around you are in case one intends to travel.

One of the benefits of United Kingdom weather email alerts is they are free, one only needs to access the internet so as to get the weather email alerts.

Another benefit of the United Kingdom weather email alerts is they give one a weather forecast for several days. Therefore one always has a clue of how the weather will be during certain times and hence one can plan on what to wear for certain days. Another benefit of the United Kingdom weather email alerts is that the emails come directly to ones pc or mobile phone. This makes the information about changing weather conditions so accessible.

Another benefit of the United Kingdom weather email alerts is that one can instantly respond to the email alert. Not all weather predictions are correct therefore if one gets a weather email alert that is false one can respond to it and let the weather company know of the current weather conditions in the area of residence.

The United Kingdom weather email alerts also provide a link to the main website of weather forecasting. This is quite helpful when one needs more information about the weather that is not included in the email alert received.

Finally, weather email alerts are beneficial in that one can scroll through the past email notifications in case they forgot about the weather prediction and want to confirm the weather conditions to expect at a certain time.

Signing up for United Kingdom weather alerts is an easy process that one can do without professional help.

The first thing that one should do is log into a weather forecast website that offers weather email alerts.

Secondly, one is required to fill in personal information such as name, location of residence and ones email address.

Thirdly, a personal authorization code is sent to your email address.

Lastly, enter the authorization code that was earlier sent to you to verify and complete your enrollment for the service.

After completing this process, one is ready to receive daily weather email alerts containing a weather forecast for your selected city or area of residence.

A list of five reasons why you should expect harsh snow and ice in 2015 winter

2015 is here. Most people are worried about how this winter will turn out. Following the previous winters that have particularly turned out to be strange and extreme, this winter has brought out a lot of anticipation and anxiety. It is important to know what to expect this winter. Unless you know, you will not be able to be fully prepared for the snow and ice that may come your way. Here is a list of expected snow & ice forecast for United Kingdom 2015.

Harsh weather out of the Icelandic volcano The Icelandic volcano will definitely erupt sometime in the future. However, its effects will not wait for the future for it to be felt in the United Kingdom and Great Britain. This volcano comes with a harsh climate. Prior to a volcanic eruption, there are a number of volcanic activities that occur under the ground. The changes that come as a result of the effect of the volcanic activities underneath United Kingdom, go a long way in affecting the climate that will be experience.

A winter with a difference as a result of the Atlantic ocean effect A weather bomb has been predicted by weather forecasts called the Atlantic weather bomb. Waves of cool air are expected to hit the borders of the United Kingdom and the Great Britain. The tail end of the bomb will definitely hit United Kingdom and the Great Kingdom. The tail end of the Atlantic weather bomb carries with it cool air that will further reduce the temperature to other lower values. What you will get from that is cold hard and a windy winter. You should expect this during the coming winter.

This winter and global warming If there is one thing that has affected our lives in a completely different way, it is global warming. Global warming has created uncertainty in the weather. Winters are longer than they out to be while summers come in strange ways. Sometimes, it snows beyond the time it should while other times, things are just perfect. This winter, the influence of global warming will definitely be felt. It is anticipated that this winter will be longer than the others that you have experienced.

The trend nowadays Nowadays, United Kingdom experiences some of the worst winters. It gets cold and harsh. There is no reason to feel 2015 will be any different. The ice and cold will be as harsh as it has been in the past three years. There is no scientific proof for this but history dictates it.

How the year started The year 2014 started with extreme weather conditions. It is reasonable to expect 2015 to follow suit. The extreme weather will be the trend for 2015 as well. It is the most obvious guess. Expect paralyzed infrastructures, difficulty in coping, and in some places disasters out of the cold and ice that comes this winter. 2015 has not started by the calendar but it is simple a continuation of the weather trends of 2014. Expecting the same trend in climatic conditions is acceptable.

A list of five reasons ice will affect the UK and Great Britain

Since the winter of 2009-10 in Great Britain and Ireland called the Big Freeze, interest on winter in Great Britain has been an issue of focus. The unprecedented harsh winter of the time has left people have no option but to have a necessary consideration on how the winter will be every year. The question whether ice will affect the United Kingdom and Great Britain winter in wither is one that cannot be ignored. For this reason, we address the question will ice affect the UK and Great Britain this winter? Here is a list of five reasons why ice will affect Great Britain this year.

1. Icelandic volcano may erupt Scientists anticipate the eruption of the Bardarbunga volcano. It is obvious that in the next twenty-five years, the volcano will erupt. The events preceding the eruption of a volcano are likely to make the coming winter a harsh winter. The ice melt that will come out of this winter is one that will definitely affect the lives and routine of the people of United Kingdom and Great Britain. Expect solid ice that will require a little more to break.

2. Tail end of Atlantic weather Bomb coming this winter to cause a difference Weather forecasts have already foreseen that this winter Britain and the United Kingdom will be lashed by the tail end of the Atlantic weather bomb. snow and ice melt warnings have already been given out as the weatherman anticipates an 80mph storm that will come in 50ft waves. These are signs of intense icing activities that have the potential to paralyze the infrastructure of Great Britain and the United Kingdom.

3. Effects of Global warming likely to a different winter In the recent pasts, the climatic condition of the United Kingdom, Great Britain and other parts of the world have been characterized by erratic trends. It is anticipated that the winters will be colder than ordinary. The ice will be harder and the consequences will be felt deep into the homes of the dwellers. People should expect tougher times with unusually cold winters.

4. Systematic trend of harsh winters points at harsher times these winters Over the past five years, the winters in United Kingdom and Great Britain have been harsh. The climatic cycle suggests that this winter may be harsher. There is no scientific proof other than the fact that climate in a pattern that follows a particular trend. If the trend is anything to go by, then this winter more ice will cover the streets and the environment. 5. The annual weather trends suggests a harsh winter

The year started with average maximum temperatures of 6.9 degrees Celsius and minimum temperatures of 1.3 degrees Celsius. In the previous year, the temperatures were better. Going by the way the climate cycle has started, there are high chances that the temperatures will deep lower. When the temperatures fall lower than the anticipated values, the winters are usually colder and the ice more paralysing. The way the year has started, there are reasons to suggest that the United Kingdom and the Great Britain will experience a worse time this winter.

East Anglia climate and a list of similar climates

East Anglia is a region within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It is within the three constituent parts of East England. The name East Anglia is derived from the inhabiting tribes the Angles who originated from Angel a place in Northern Germany. However, other than the history and the location of East Anglia the most interesting aspect about the place is its climate. The East Anglia climate is unique to other parts of the United Kingdom.

The area is generally dry and mild. It attracts attention because it is the driest place in United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Some of the areas within this region receive less than 700mm o rainfall a year with some even receiving lower levels on some years. However, rainfall is fairly distributed throughout the year. Here are some of the climatic trends of the main areas in East Anglia.

Average climate in East Anglia In January , East Anglia realizes moderate precipitation of 53mm. The precipitation levels fall in February as the temperatures remain constant at a high of 7 degrees Celsius and a low of 1 degree Celsius. The highest temperature in East Anglia rock a high of 22 degrees Celsius and a low of 12 degrees in the month of July and April. The area has a rainy season that begins in August and ends in January. The highest rainfall levels during this season rock the highest value of 59mm in the months of October and November.

To understand the East Anglia climate, you need to compare it with the climates of other places that have a similar climatic experience. Other areas that have a similar climates to that of East Anglia include the following.

Lowestoft climate Lowestoft has its highest rainfall in November, December, and January. During these periods of the year, the precipitation levels are highest. The high rainfall season actually begins in August and reaches its peak in November at precipitation levels of 61mm. The lowest precipitation levels are in February with an average maximum of 35mm. The region experiences highest temperature in July at a highest value of 20 degrees Celsius and lowest value of 13 degrees Celsius. The lowest temperatures are realized in December at values of -3 degrees Celsius.

Wattisham climate Wattisham area is among the driest areas in East Anglia. The highest levels of precipitation are realized between the months of September and January. The highest rainfall levels are realized in October with highest precipitation levels of 57mm. The highest temperatures in Wattisham are experience in July at values of between 22 degrees and 12 degrees Celsius.

Marham Climate The Marham has the wettest climate in East Anglia. Its highest rainfall stands at 63mm in the month of November. This is the highest precipitation level in East Anglia. The month of October also realizes high precipitation levels. In February, there are little precipitation with the highest values reaching 39mm. Marham is not as cold as other places. It realizes lowest temperatures of -3 degrees Celsius in the month of November which is also the month with the highest precipitation. Its highest temperatures are in the months of April and July with an high average temperatures of 22 degrees Celsius and low temperatures of 12 degrees Celsius.